WEEK 4 “Around the World with the Speed of Sound” and “Math from Around the World”

Faster than the speed of sound…what does that really mean? How is sound measured? We can’t touch it but somehow it is measured? What makes one sound different than another? Why are some instruments louder than others? We will discover how sound is created and the mathematical connection to it. We will explore how different instruments are made as well as how the sound comes  from the instrument. We will also learn about unique instruments from around the world. 

We will create our own instruments using nontraditional materials to discover what sounds we can create. We will travel the world of mathematics and learn about several historical mathematicians.
WEEK 3 “The Rhythm is Going to Get Ya” and “Math Art and Fraction Fun”

Music and dance almost always go together. Was music created so that we could dance or did dance create the music? We will explore this and other compelling facts about the beginnings of music and dance. The students will learn how math is important in music and dance performance (choreography) while learning how to move to the beat using line dancing, modern dance & hip hop.

​We will also explore the world of “denominations” and create math art masterpieces.



Camp Details 

WEEK 1 “Beat It” and “Making Sense of Numbers”

The week will be spent exploring rhythm using nontraditional things like household items, your body, your feet, hands, self-made instruments. Percussion is simple yet it can be complicated as we delve into the math & calculations that create those beats we end up dancing to. The students will culminate the week by doing their own “Stomp” performance to show their knowledge of the beat.

We will also explore the world of numbers, what they mean, how we decompose numbers to solve problems simply, how they relate to one another, place value, rounding, estimation, and mental math.


WEEK 2 “Hip-Opera” and “Skills, Drills & Math Magic”

There are so many ways to tell a story. Can you imagine singing or even rapping the tale of “The Three Little Pigs”? Students explore the many facets of storytelling in music. They learn how to tell familiar stories using music & drama. They create their own stories with song writing exercises and perform their own “Hip-Opera” at the end of the session.

We will also practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Fluency while learning cool math “tricks.”